Sunday, December 23, 2007


Everybody loves some moola! Come here and get a start on earning your extra moola! Moola, moola, moola! Catchy and fun to say isn't it? games here like Hi/Lo, RoShamBo (paper scissors rock) or a stone game and win cash! You start with a penny and if you win you win another penny giving you 2 cents. Then you can take that 2 cents and make it into 4 and then that 4 into 16 and so on! Win 30 times in a row and hit the moola jackpot - millions of dollars! All for free. Moola always gives you the first penny even if you bet all you have and lose it all! Plus you get chances to spin a bonus wheel and win extra prizes that way. It's an invited only so steal yours now while you can! Yay for moola!

Make sure you verify your moola account so you can get paid!

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